SPecial design

WINNER gives you the possibility to design your new optimist. To change the main colors you can try our “Boat Designer” and see which colors you prefer.

If you want an even more personalized boat, you are always welcome to contact us, for a talk about what I possible, and we can make you an offer on the special design.

You can also choose the accessories in the boat, for instance:

·         Between Harken and Ronstan blocks

·         Toestaps, choose between WINNER’s own or maybe ZHIK or THE VIRUS

·         Colored gunwale, midshipsection or a waterline.

·         You can choose different airbags.

·         Special mainsheet, 4:1 or 3:1 system

·         Non-slip in different colors.

There is a lot of things you can choose and design on your own. In this way you can get a boat that nobody else have.