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Each year we choose a small group (3 sailors) of sailors among the very best sailors in many countries. We choose this small group in close coorperation
with the head coach and our dealer in your country. We then provide the chosen sailors with close support, option to join several clinics a year,
trainer support, Winner gear etc.

The overall goal is to ensure that more sailors are enjoying the fun about the Optimist sport. And that the experience, which top sailors achieve from hours of physical training and hours of sailing, is handed down to the next generation of sailors.

World wide WINNER is the dominating factor in the Optimist class and we feel obligated to ensure that the optimist class is continuing to grow and develop. We would love that as many kids as possible get the chance to learn to sail and enjoy being on the water.

We are so “lucky” that we have top sailors in all countries and this year we have decided not only to collect know how from the Danish Top Sailors but from all the top sailors in the world and therefore we have created several teams in a lot of countries. It enables us to collect information not only from Denmark but from 20-22 countries and thereby we ensure that young sailors all over the world get access to unique know-how from the worlds best Optimist sailors.

Authorized WINNER dealers have committed themselves to support a group of top sailors and thereby making sure that the know-how is collected.
So from only collecting from 1 country then we are now able to collect know-how from 20-22 counties and to ensure that know-how is
handed out to the next level of sailors.


TEAM design 2017

TEAM design 2017