Europe Dinghy

The WINNER BOAT's company was split up in 1990, where the production of the Europe Dinghy moved to Spain, and the Optimist factory stayed in Faaborg. 

So today all new WINNER Europes that are sold today comes from our sister company in Spain. But we have a great cooperation with the Spanish builder, and would be more than happy to help you get a new Europe Dinghy.

Just as we offer the possibility to design your optimist, it is also possible to choose the color on your new Europe dinghy.

If you are looking for spare parts to your dinghy we offer a different selection on parts for the boat. If you need anything you can find on our web-shop, you are more than welcome to contact us.

The colors on the E-dinghy.

White 8008
Light Grey 8003
Dark Grey 8064
Yellow ( new ) 3007
Orange 3101
Red 2006
Dark Green (new ) 6014
Violet - Lilac 7302
Dark Lilac 2170
Light Blue 7008
Medium Blue 7007
Dark Blue 7006
No. 9080 Winner Europe Nouveau