Total Solution

On the basis of the most modern plant, years of experience and contacts around the world, Winner Optimist can provide and service each regatta with 400 Optimists - or more, if required!

1.   Help to make material for presentation of charter boats by application of regatta.
2. Help to make invitation regarding charter boats and collect charter from different countries.
3. Arrive with the boats, registration and serving out boats & gears.
4. To make a shop with spare parts.
5. To make service and guidance to all boats and sailors during the whole regatta.
6. Take back all boats & gears right after regatta & returning the deposit amount to the sailors.
7. Repack container and clean up.
8. All this can vary after the size of the regatta. And after how much or little equipment wanted to the optimist and what quality of equipment wanted. It can be as cheap from € 250 per charter per sailor.
9. Contact Winner Optimist for an offer.

Feel free to contact us for a talk concerning the opportunity to have us supplying boats for future events.